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Friday, March 30, 2007

Advance Learnings Of Feng Shui

In traditional Feng shui, we learn that each of the eight basic directions is associated with parts of the body, a family member, an element and more symbolism than we can explore in a single article. There is a whole branch of classical Feng shui that deals with the outside environment. What constitutes a balanced room according to Feng shui theory involves not one, but several aspects.

The next most important room, according to Feng shui theory, is the room you spend most of your waking hours in. Most people love the sight and sound of a trickling fountain, but there can actually be bad locations according to the most sophisticated Feng shui analysis. This is just one of many examples of how the outside forces influence the inside forces and you cannot do a proper Feng shui analysis without considering both the interiors and exteriors together.

Bathrooms and closet areas may be the least important from a Feng shui standpoint and every house will have several negative zones. Colors can also be seen as a bit subjective and a good Feng shui consultant will never insist that a person use a color that the client does not personally like. In Feng shui philosophy, the mountain represents people and their hearts.

In Feng shui theory, all environments can be described as "yin" or "yang. Just as a mountain is still (yin) and the ocean moves (yang), any environment can be categorized as basically yin or yang and when it gets extreme, it can throw a place out of balance.

Similarly, the house which sits at the very top of the mountain, with no hill behind it for support or any trees, this is a very vulnerable home. Feng Shui is a 3,000+ year old metaphysical practice, originating in China, but relevant to everyone since it deals with energy, nature, laws of physics and the environments we all create. As an example, we need wind and water movement as essential aspects of nature, but when the wind and water get extreme we can have hurricanes and tsunamis causing a lot of damage.

Yes, one generality is that water aligned with the northeast sector of a house can be undermining for financial luck until 2024. Color can also be used to change the yin/yang ratio of a room. Well, if the room is big enough to handle a four-poster canopy bed, the fabric draped over the frame can work as a faux ceiling and deflect away the downward pressure of the beam.

Finally, the Northwest quadrant is attached to the Father figure or some male in charge like the president of a company. But sometimes a house might sit on an unusual shaped lot and this directs the chi (life force energy) around the house in such as way that the occupants will either benefit or be undermined. What are the unseen influences?

Feng shui can be fascinating, there is so much to learn and each time you learn something knew, it’s like a new chapter in one’s life.


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