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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Free Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered one of the most important feng shui spots in the house. As we spend almost one-third of our time in the bedroom, we just have to make sure it is decorated with good feng shui design or we would end up suffering from many a bad feng shui symptom.

One of the symptoms of wrong location of the bed can be observed in those who are always accident prone. When one is subject to disturbing energy due to bad location of the bed on which one is staying static for at least 8 hours per night or more, one can be very nervous and ill-tempered during the day, to say the least. Not to mention a host of other problems related to this bad feng shui symptom. And this can be just the beginning of many problems, which include all kinds of diseases at the mental, emotional as well as physical level.

To locate the bed in the best feng shui manner, there are several main points to observe:

1. The bed has to be positioned in such a way that it has to have a solid backup to it. This is to say that it'd be vital to sleep with our head close to the wall against which the head of our bed is leaned. The further away our head is from the solid wall, the less auspicious energy we're exposed to during our sleep.

2. It's not a good idea to have a ceiling fan right above the bed as, according to the 'Kua' in I-ching, it gives out intrinsic energy imprints for our 'middle section' to be empty, which is absolutely something a pregnant lady should refrain from no matter what. Even for those who are not concerned with pregnancy, such intrinsic energy imprint would throw the solar plexus' energy off balance, which would create the 'un-groundedness' that is so evident in those who are always considered as having 'bad luck'. Hence the reason for 'bad luck' - when one's not 'grounded', one has nothing to show for, let alone 'luck'.

3. There is no place for mirrors in the bedroom, straight and simple. Besides being used for drawing in energy from its opposite direction, mirrors can bounce energies back and forth, thus creating much dynamic movement of 'chi' - the 'Yang energy'. When too much 'Yang energy' is present in the bedroom, the 'Yin state' is not facilitated. Therefore, it's a wrong idea to have mirrors in the bedroom where the 'Yin state' is to be preferred.

4. The height of the bed is also of much importance in terms of feng shui. One would not want to feel being suspended in mid air when sleeping. The issue of 'un-groundedness comes into play again here as feng shui has a great deal to do with earth energy. When one is in the open and static 'Yin state', one's energy system is wide open and thus easily affected by many external factors such as those mentioned above. Sleeping with such feeling as being suspended in mid air renders one vulnerable to unstable energetic upheavals; therefore, it's not good feng shui design at all.